Laureen wrote her first play at the age of 7. It was performed by her sisters and brother to an exclusive family showing. Over the next twenty some years, she perfected her writing by studying novel structure, themes, characterizations, and form. She cut her teeth writing fan fiction, where she continually sold out.


As she branched out into professional writing, she received numerous awards and accolades for her ability to put the reader into the story.


Laureen is a professionally trained speaker and published author. At the age of 38, after living with trauma induced PTSD for 30 years, she entered therapy, choosing an integrative psychiatric model to heal. She focuses on educating others on the possibility of making a full recovery from PTSD, as well as the benefits of healing past trauma. Hungry For Touch is her first memoir and a story she felt needed to be told.


Mental health is a passion of hers. She is a State Certified Speaker Trainer for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), as well as one of their most seasoned speakers. She has piloted several programs for NAMI, including NAMI in the Lobby, IOOV and anti-stigma campaigns, such as Hope for Recovery posters. A passionate speaker for RAINN and other organizations, Laureen is a sought-after speaker for medical and nursing schools, and has participated in several online and DVD documentaries focusing on PTSD recovery.